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Wood Selection

  Wood Species Selection - Chracteristics of different species


European oak is known for its predominant grain patterns that run from straight lines to arched and pointed. Lightness and darkness variations are noticeable in lighter finishes. Oak is one of the stronger hardwoods.  

* Vintage Oak has the same characteristics, but has intense, dominant grain patterns, color variations and knotholes.




Walnut has been called the “king of hardwoods”. Walnut is smooth grained with a rich and warm appeal. Color can range from deep chocolate brown to light reddish-gray brown. While care is taken to eliminate it, sapwood areas may be present and range in hue from light yellow to light brown. As it ages, walnut will “mellow” and lighten in color.





Cherry is a smooth, even-grained hardwood known for its warm, rich look. Cherry 'mellows' or darkens with age. Exposure to bright or direct sunlight will cause the wood to darken and redden significantly. Cherry will have some sapwood, mineral streaking, fine pin holes and pitch pockets. 





Maple is characterized by its smooth, even and fine grain pattern. Natural maple has some color variation, but is generally more uniform than most select hardwoods. Mineral streaks are common in maple and appear darker when stained. 






Wenge is is a rich brown colour with copper accents. The tree’s heartwood is very dark and dense with a coarse grain and a pattern of nearly black grains separated by dark brown grains.